Advertising in consumer culture | Article writing homework help

Please choose three out of the following Five questions. Each answer is expected to between 1.5-2 pages, double-spaced. Each answer requires the citation of at least one academic reading (preferably class reading) using APA style. 

  1. What is branded entertainment? Why do we witness rising branded entertainment now? How is branded entertainment different from traditional advertising practices? What are Michael Serozio’s key arguments? Do you think branded entertainment is an effective and ethical advertising practice? Give an example to illustrate your point.
  2. What is consumer activism? What is the difference between consumer activism and the activism promoted by corporations? How should we understand consumer activism and feminism in the broader context of neoliberalism? Are consumers empowered by activism promoted by corporations such as Dove? Why or why not?
  3. Explain how digital technologies have shaped advertising practices. How do they shape the media buying industry in terms of digital metrics and online power structure? Who has power in determining our online experience? How does big-data mining affect our agency and autonomy in making purchasing decisions? You can cite Joseph Turow and other scholars to illustrate your points. Use specific examples in your answer.
  4. What is male gaze? How is male gaze often understood? How does male gaze intersect with race to perpetuate power dominance and hierarchy? Use one or two ad examples to explain how male and racialized gaze works. You are expected to use the readings on gender and sexuality and the documentary Killing Us Softlyin your answer.
  5. What is ethical consumption? What is ethical advertising? How have the practices of ethical advertising and consumption evolved over time? Use specific examples in your answer, paying attention to strategies that critique the influence of capitalism and corporate branding. When discussing advertising ethics, you can focus on children’s advertising, tobacco advertising, or specific aspects of advertising regulations or even advertising ethics in general.

Grading criteria: Do you answer all the questions? Does your answer demonstrate your analytical skills and reasoning? Do you cite at least one academic reading and use concepts learned in class in each answer? Do you use APA style? What is your writing quality? Do you present a coherent argument?