After the fall of slavery, which two institutions were used to control the nonwhite population?

chapter 6

Please answer the following questions in complete sentences.

After the fall of slavery, which two institutions were used to control the nonwhite population?
Who was Ida B. Wells?
When were the vagabond laws instituted? What were they? Whom did they target?
What was the convict leasing program?
Which group was imprisoned during World War II? How many?
In what year did the U.S. prison population begin to significantly rise?
Does China, with over 1 billion population, have a larger prison population than the U.S.?
According to Figure 6.1, where does Nigeria stand in terms of highest global incarceration rates?
A black man born after the Civil Rights Movement who did not finish high school has what percent chance of being locked up at some point in his life?
What percent of U.S. prisoners have not finished high school?
According to Figure 6.2, .in ratio form, what is the likelihood of all U.S. women going to prison in their lifetime? White women? Black women? Latinas?
What three policies have contributed to the boom in the U.S. prison population (p. 211)?
Which group of high school seniors report using the highest percentage of drug usage? Which group have more emergency room visits by far for drug use?
Describe three ways in which prisons have transformed regional economies?
What did novelist Richard Wright write about crime and black men? (the entire quote)
Are immigrants more or less likely to commit crime? Why?
After 9/11 how much did crimes against Muslims increase?
Define white collar crime? Which sociologist coined the term? Members of which racial group most often commit it? Is it decreasing or increasing? Give some examples of this type of crime.
Why are immigrant women more vulnerable to abuse by their intimate partners?
What is the difference in sentencing between a black men convicted of raping a white woman versus raping a black woman?
True or false: most people arrested in the U.S. are black?
What do Malice Green, Abner Louima, Amadou Diallo, Sean Bell, and Ousmane Zongo have in common?
How did the FBI treat Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.?
How much does an increase in the prison population rate contribute to the decrease in crime?