Analyze a data set using excel pivot tables and tableau

Select a data set relevant to something you are interested in learning. 

Create an Excel Workbook containing at least 3 Pivot tables showing your data arranged in various ways – i.e. complaints by states, complaints by product, etc… You should include your source data as one of the worksheets in your workbook.

  • Create a Tableau workbook based on the data file you select.
    -Create seven data visualizations, one for each type listed on the next page. Each visualization should be on a separate worksheet within the workbook and it should provide an insight into the data set. Label each worksheet in the Tableau workbook as “Name of Visualization 1, Name of Visualization 2,” and so on.

Tableau Visualizations:

Visualization 1 Create a treemap

Visualization 2 – Create a single data table

Visualization 3 – Create a bar chart

Visualization 4 – Create a line chart

Visualization 5 – Create a scatter plot

Visualization 6 – Create a geographical map

Visualization 7: Create a dashboard that provides a good overview for someone who needs to make decisions using the data.  (note, the dashboard should include some of your above visualizations)

Visualization Write Up:

Provide a one page write up of the data you selected, what you were hoping to discover from the data and indicate whether the data provided you with any surprising results.