College student attitudes about study skills and study habits

SOCI 3111 Social Research Methods

Paper 2 Instructions: Due November 3rd 2019

In Part A, in one paragraph per question, describe how you would improve the question and why. Make sure you use methodology principles for writing questions (as described by Schutt, and handouts in the module folder) to describe why the question is poor and re-write the question so that it is improved according to your reasoning.

Format for Part A:

Student Name

Question 1: To

Question 10:

Part B: Designing Your Survey


For Part B (a separate document), you will design a 10-question survey about one of the following topics: select only one topic that most interests you:

a. Recent college graduates’ attitudes about their student loan debt

b. College student attitudes about study skills and study habits

c. Voter attitudes toward impeachment of President Donald Trump

You may design the survey in any way you wish but you must include the following:

➢ A clear introduction or instructions at the beginning of the survey describing the survey and its purpose. Language must be user-friendly and clear.

➢ Contact information and instructions on where to submit or what to do with the survey upon completion (examples: send to an email, return to an office etc.).

Your survey will be evaluated on quality of the questions for validity, accurate conceptualization, neatness and clarity. See rubric in module folder as well as the handout: Best Practices for Survey Design for tips on designing a high-quality survey.

Submit both Part A and Part B as separate documents or PDFs on