Create an informative pamphlet/brochure. | Environmental science homework help

My Disease name is COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)

Use the attached “Disease Educational Brochure Template” Be creative, make it fit. The template has blank space, your completed brochure will not. Do not use the pictures that are in the template. 

  • Use the disease that you picked for your presentation and respond to the following 10 questions.
  • Provide a source for each answer.
  • Include graphics, and tables to help communicate your responses.
    • These can be from any source, as long as they are sourced, and they fit in with your brochure.

Questions to answer/respond to:

  1. Identify the national prevalence and incidence of the disease.
  2. How much money is being spent related to this disease?
  3. Where/when was this disease first discovered?
  4. What is the national trend for this disease in the United States?
  5. Define the disease in terms of the epidemiological triad/triangle.
  6. Who is most at risk of acquiring this disease?
  7. Describe 3 behaviors that can aid in preventing this disease.
  8. Can this disease be cured? If so how?
  9. What is the CSTE’s case definition for this disease?
  10. What should someone do if they suspect that they have the disease?