Email style | Management homework help


My Topic is Day Care Business Owner

Choose a topic related to a career that interests you (for example, if you’re interested in working in business, you may choose time management or professional communication as a possible topic). The think about how you would research that topic on the Internet. What search terms would you use? What websites would you consider visiting? Set a timer for fifteen minutes and actually research your topic. Ready, set, go! Write down the sites you found most helpful or interesting. At the end of fifteen minutes, review the sources you have recorded in your list and think about the information you have found. How well did you use your limited time? Could you do better next time? What stood out the most and why? 

Answer the question in an email to me, Dr. N. Hooper-Simanga. Follow the email format found in the video provided this week.

Your email message does not have to be a “real” message, but it should include all parts of an actual message.