If you fail to use the appropriate number of acceptable sources you may be penalized twenty (20) points on your speech grade.

my topic is   why is better voting in US than China.

5minutes long  I need the speech draft and the draft can be read up to 5 minutes

5 resources cite in MLA





Source Requirement: For this speech you are required to use at least five (5) credible. If you fail to use the appropriate number of acceptable sources you may be penalized twenty (20) points on your speech grade. Additionally, using websites such as Wikipedia, About.com, AskJeeves, or other such online encyclopedias will result in an automatic zero (0) for the speech grade. Finally, although encouraged, interviews, personal correspondence, atlases, dictionaries and encyclopedias do not count toward your total number of sources—though they must be listed in the bibliography and properly cited within the outline.

Topic: In this presentation you will present your position on an issue related to a question about campaign/election reform to the class, and advocate for your perspective. You must make a coherent logical argument for why your position should be adopted by the class.





Persuasive Presentation Evaluation Sheet

Speaker: _____________________________________ Topic: _______________________________________


Gained attention and interest ____ Established credibility and goodwill ____ Introduced topic clearly ____
Previewed body of speech ____ Transition to body ____


Adheres to assignment directions ____ Clear organizational pattern ____ Arguments clear ____
Arguments well supported ____

Clear persuasive elements (ethos, pathos, logos) ____ Quality of supporting materials ____
Cite sources properly ____
Related topic to the audience ___

Transitions ____


Signaled ending ____ Summary of main points ____ Clincher ____

Physical Delivery

Posture (no swaying, moving back and forth, etc.) ____ Eye contact ____
Appearance ____
Appropriate gestures ____

Vocal Delivery

Volume ____
Controlled vocalized pauses ____
Language (appropriate, interesting, etc.) ____ Pace/Fluency ____
Vocal Variety (tone, pitch, etc) ____ Extemporaneous delivery style ____

Visual Aid

Explained as needed _____
Professionally displayed (aids verbal component, visual appeal)_____ Integrated into presentation _____


Full sentence outline typed and organized in designated format ____ Speaking outline typed and adheres to extemporaneous style ____ Works cited in proper format ____
Attributed sources within outline properly ____

Time: ____________ Time penalty (if applicable): _______

Other comments:

Section #:______________ Date: __________________

____ / 10

____ / 30

____ / 10

____ / 10

____ / 10

____ / 10

____ / 20

Total Grade: _________ / 100










Persuasive Speech Reminders:

  • Submit full-sentence preparation outline with works cited list and first pages of all sources (all as one document) to Isadore by the beginning of class on the day you present. Late outlines will result in a automatic point deduction from your overall grade. Failure to submit to Isadore will mean an automatic zero for your grade until you submit.
  • Works cited list should be in MLA format. Use the sample in your Resources folder as an example.
  • Use sources in three places: 1) Works cited list, 2) In notes, and 3) Out loud during presentation.
  • 5 sources are required, more is encouraged. At least 2 of your sources should be really strong, credible, primary sources.
  • Don’t forget to use a visual aid. It is required for this presentation.
  • Check the persuasive presentation assignment description below for any other details.