Methods social res: quantitative[ human services]


Research Proposal Presentation

The PowerPoint presentation is just an overview of the actual  project. The scoring rubric for the research proposal presentation  provides a good outline however, you are only required to provide a  brief overview of the information that you provided in your topic:  Postpartum Depression in teenage Mother

How to create voice-over narration for your Power Point Presentation


  • Introduced the problem and justify its importance; prevalence of the problem; filling a gap
  • Discuss the population being studied
  • Theory (Slide 1-min.)
  • Identified a theory that may fit the study


  • Identified potential ethical issues; deception, confidentiality; informed consent


  • Select (2) articles and their relation to the topic; identified components relevant to the research proposal


  • Identified the sample, procedures, and instrument(s) display any  graphs used in the proposal bar, line, pie and discuss data outcomes.  Provide an overview of the following     
    • Sample (Describe who will be studied)         
      • Who (demographics – race, gender)
      • How many people you want to study (If this was a real study, you would tell how many were studied. This is your sample size.)
      • How you selected the sample (e.g., welfare recipients at a Southeastern regional social service agency)
      • Procedures (Describe how the sample will be studied)
      • All key variables (independent and dependent)
      • Define the terms using research articles you found
    • Instruments (Describe what was studied)         
      • How will the data be gathered (e.g., a survey will be provided to the participants)
    • Provide details what techniques were used to collect the data  so others can replicate your study (e.g., reached out to a social  service agency, obtained informed consent to survey clients, etc.)
  • References (Slide 1- min.)