Mode of entry | Marketing homework help

You’re selling Beatport to Spain

a)   What are the realistic entry options given your product/service and the target country? Name at least 3. For example, if your business model consists of establishing restaurants or retail outlets, you will not choose to export as a mode of entry. You could however be interested in franchising, joint-venturing, establishing a new wholly-owned subsidiary, or acquiring an existing company. 

b)   Does your firm have a history of using a particular mode of entry? Is there any reason that the firm must keep to this historical mode of entry—or can you suggest a change? 

c)   Briefly identify the pros and cons of each realistic entry option.

d)   What is your choice and why?

e)   How will you attempt to mitigate the cons of your choice?

f)   If your plan includes partners such as distributors, franchisees, or joint venture partners, identify the qualities you want from these partners. How might you locate such partners? Try to identify an actual target firm or individual. Why might they be interested in partnering with you? If you can’t identify a potential partner, do you need to reconsider your mode of entry?

g)   Similarly, if you plan to enter via acquisition, you should identify an actual acquisition target and present a reasonable argument why the target would be interested in being acquired by you. You should also check the business news and determine if your firm is likely to be able to afford the acquisition. Is it in good financial shape?