Sustainability in fashion discussion board week 9 | sustaianility in fashion | Berkeley College of New York and New Jersey

In a recent article,  “The economy and environment are paying the price for fast fashion-but there’s hope,”  we are told that the cost for disposable clothing is higher than we think. (clearly the “cost” here refers to the cost to the economy and environment)

Please read the article here,  Link (Links to an external site.)  and answer the following questions thoughtfully. 

1. In the article we read about the disastrous  ” Cinderella  syndrome” — “where you wear it once, you post on Instagram, and then you get rid of it …..and there’s a whole culture that says if you’ve been seen in an outfit three times, you need to rid yourself of it.”  Is this really happening out there and how do we work to change this mindset?

2. The article discusses that Forever 21 has recently filed bankruptcy and that H&M is “in trouble.” The author feels  that this proves  that the fast-fashion model isn’t sustainable. Do you agree? Please be detailed in your response.

3. What is one fact you learned in this article that you did not know about fast fashion and its impact on the environment?