The contrast between friendship and romance seems to be a very difficult thing to directly define.

The contrast between friendship and romance seems to be a very difficult thing to directly define. However, there is, at its core, a contrast between the two but with a great many similarities. Aristotle’s hierarchy of friendship, as explained in the module notes, being Friends of Utility, Friends of Pleasure and Friends of the Soul, are great examples of how friendship and romance can be counter-intuitive or can go hand in hand. With that being said friendship and romance can both have a deep contrast to each other as well as be closely related. An example of friendship that is deep and loving but without any physical intimacy or romance would be Callow and Ramsay, as explained in chapter two of Mark Vernon’s The Meaning of Friendship. In this chapter the author uses this example to explain that a deep and very satisfying friendship can be obtained without romance being a major factor, as Callow is describe as being a homosexual. This is a clear example of how friendship and romance are not always one in the same. However, there are countless examples of a deep friendship being the foundation for an extremely happy physical relationship. One such example is my little sister and her husband; they are extremely close, not only on a physical level, as proof by their two children, but also by that fact that one is almost never seen without the other. One could argue that this is mostly due to them being parents, but even before they were blessed with the two little ones, they spent much time together just for the sake of enjoying each other’s company. However, if they would have stayed strictly friends, I do not believe they would have obtained the level of happiness that they both now have. This example goes along with the idea that marriage based in friendship as well as intimacy will be more fulfilling than one that is based only slightly in friendship and more in the romance factor. I believe that a relationship, based of my personal experiences, is much more fulfilling when you have deep friendship to go along with the romance. The reason for this is that while physical contact is good, the relationship seems to always be missing something more; and I find that when I am in a committed relationship that goes beyond romance that both myself and my girlfriend are a lot happier. Which will ultimately lead to longer, healthier relationship.

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