The energy activities that seem to be the most responsible for GHG emissions include road transportation,

Energy use seems to be a major cause in the rise in CO2. Coal is largely used to help create electricity, which puts out 44% of the global CO2 (Module Notes 1, Climate Change). In a chart provided by Bradshaw, we can see that “energy related industrial processes” account for 64.7% of the GHG emissions, “industry, mining, buildings, and transport” account for the major portion of the emissions and CO2 accounts for 77% of the GHG emissions (Bradshaw, 2014, p. 15). Human energy use requires energy from different sources that put out CO2 emissions, such as electricity, cars, building and construction, and more. When looking at the World GHG Emissions Flow Chart, we can see that human energy use is the larger portion of GHG emissions and that the largest portion of total emissions is CO2. Electricity and heat seems to be the greatest output of GHG emissions in the world and almost all of it emits CO2 into the air (World). The other factors that cause GHG emissions seem to provide less of the total emissions. This involves “land use change, agriculture, and waste” with examples such as deforestation, landfills, livestock and manure, and more (World).

The energy activities that seem to be the most responsible for GHG emissions include road transportation, residential and commercial buildings, chemicals, cement, and other industry (World). I believe that these can be reduced dramatically by each person being conscious of their usage. Transportation is an example of something that can be reduced. Public transportation can be increased to help decrease personal vehicle usage, carpooling can be done, and ensuring that vehicles pass emissions testing in order to reduce the amount of emissions emitted by each vehicle. Another method of reducing these numbers is being conscious of the energy that is being used in residential and commercial buildings such as air and heat and other electricity that is being used. An example that is often mentioned is turning off the lights when leaving a room. Though it seems like a small thing, if everyone does this then it can reduce energy usage. Humans have become highly dependent on energy and have become extremely wasteful with energy. The more that we decrease the amount of energy used, the more that we can decrease GHG emissions.

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