Typical assignment submissions should be roughly 3,000 word in length. Shorter compelling answers are fine.

This is a graduate course and you should be able to explain the logic behind your answer and point to a credible source to support your position. You are expected to spend at least 4 hours studying the questions, finding and studying good sources, and understanding the nature of the answers and at least an additional 4 hours answering these questions and polishing your writing, so the answers are compelling. Invest your time wisely, giving more time to the complex answers in order to ensure that you demonstrate that you truly understand the answer. Typical assignment submissions should be roughly 3,000 word in length. Shorter compelling answers are fine. Answers with needless filler will be marked down.


APA format Required

Write an 8 -10page research paper on Application of Technology and Computers applied to a Field of Study, not including cover and reference pages, and express your interest or how this would benefit you if you were in this type of field.

You must use outside research valid and credible sources. You are encouraged to use at least “5” sources of research at the minimum and APA format is a must. Be sure to give personal opinions, examples that justify your conclusions, and use graphics if you want (cut and paste with appropriate credit given to your sources) or make your own charts, tables, and so forth. Papers must be written using the APA format.