Use these websites to help:

Of your 10 sources, you will choose 5 of your sources and will write 5 Annotated Bibliographies. Before selecting the article as a source for your annotated bib and ultimately your research paper, evaluate the quality of the article by considering the recency of the article, the findings or results of the study, the type of research methodology, etc. Use these websites to help:

For each article, provide a brief summary in your own words that describes (a) what topic the study examined, (b) how the authors studied the topic (method), and (c) what the main findings were. Be sure to provide enough information for a reader to understand what the study was about, but do not get bogged down in too much detail. One goal of this part of the project is to hone your skills atsummarizing something in a way that is both accurate and concise. Recommended length: 5-7 pages