What additional benefits have you found that were not mentioned?

The leaders of 195 of the world’s countries met in Paris in December 2015 and reached an unprecedented agreement on how to address the growing threat of global climate change. This agreement has included some unique features that have made it possible for developing and developed countries to reach a compromise on a pathway to begin to address the critical concerns around fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions. This accord is the end result of 9 years of efforts on the part of the United Nations. Both scientists and leaders feel this is the world’s last best hope of striking a deal that will begin to avert the most devastating effects of a warming planet. (Davenport, 2015)

First, read the following:

Next, craft your response to the following questions and positions:

  1. Select one of the short paragraphs in the NYT article “What does a climate deal mean for the world?” such as: the planet, global politics, American politics, business, or American citizens. Each of these paragraphs addresses a different aspect of or perspective on the Paris Climate Accord and its impact.
  2. Compare what is in the NYT paragraph you selected with what is in the NYT article about the climate accord (Davenport, C., Bourget, L. (2015). “Nations approve landmark climate accord in Paris (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.” The New York Times, Dec. 12, 2015), along with the module readings from the IPCC and the climate change booklet about the perspective or aspect you selected.
  3. What additional complications or drawbacks have you found that were not mentioned?
  4. What additional benefits have you found that were not mentioned?