Wp2——comparative analysis papers—–at least 1000 words

·   A comparative analysis of the two of the core readings, including the one you wrote about for Writing Project 1

·   Clear identification, early in the draft, of the core readings by full author name and full article title (following MLA or APA style for formatting titles) and brief overview of each article’s content (This is usually part of the introduction.)

·   Clearly developed thesis statement making a significant claim about the similarities and differences between the two core readings

·   Well-reasoned analysis based on relevant and complex comparisons, , supported with evidence from the core readings

·   Use of at least one additional source found using the Ivy Tech Virtual Library databases

·   Use of at least 10 quotes and/or paraphrases from the core readings and/or your outside source, cited using correct in-text citations

·   APA or MLA manuscript style, as specified by your instructor, with in-text citations and a Works Cited or References list including ALL sources used. (Works Cited or References list does not count in the minimum word-count requirement)

·   Observation of the conventions of Standard English

·   1000 words minimum for final draft (the minimum 150 words for the cover letter is not included in this count)